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Just because you are not driving around looking for the best deals in retail, or looking to buy the latest in computer technology, that does not mean these retail industries have the market cornered on specials and deals. Brampton Auto Repair has already taken all the steps it can in providing the best-priced services around the Greater Toronto Area and Peel Region.
However, from time to time, you will find out special price offers that you can take advantage off during certain seasons and months of the year. Our aim is to help you get on board with some of the latest in what you need to keep your vehicle running.
During the winter months, we might offer some specials including free installation of new tires when you purchase four from us. Included in that price would be the cost of tire replacement and wheel alignment. In providing you the product, we do not simply want you to walk out with a new set of wheels on your car.
Instead, we want to make sure that the product you selected off our shelves is installed by our best technicians, tested for safety and aligned to perform as close to perfection as possible. Saving a few dollars might go a long way with meeting your family’s budget for those few months.